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Submission + - Open source guy takes the hardest job at Microsoft (networkworld.com) 1

jbrodkin writes: "Gianugo Rabellino, founder of the Italian Linux Society and a key member of the Apache Software Foundation, traded his Linux and Mac PCs in for a Windows 7 laptop and took on a newly created job at Microsoft designed to encourage collaboration between Redmond and open source communities. “Developers nowadays are mostly to be found in the open source world,” the new Microsoft executive says. “We need to go where they are.” With Rabellino’s help, Microsoft is expanding its successful partnership with PHP developers , but Steve Ballmer and crew are a long way from completely erasing their poor reputation in Linux and open source circles."
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Open source guy takes the hardest job at Microsoft

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  • The summary should have indicated the main point. OSS is getting a huge bulk of developers and that's the attraction for Microsoft. Lose the developers and you lose the platform.

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