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intellitech writes: According to a first-hand video account from a train station in Savannah, Georgia, the Transportation Security Administration is now performing security pat downs and bag searches AFTER passengers disembark from their trips. This could be expected from a country like China or the former Soviet Union, but there is simply no legitimate justification for such actions in the United States of America, unless our government is now attempting to mimic authoritarian regimes, which seems very much to be the case.
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TSA Pat Downs, Searches After Passengers Get Off T

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  • There's no reason for airlines to dislike TSA, quite the contrary. Most would very much like how some different entity takes most of the flak for hardships of air travel, an entity which doesn't leave much choice (isn't different across the airlines)

    It doesn't even require any "conspiracy", just silent acceptance. Now, this news makes it more complicated...
  • but... there's nothing _in_ savannah. i've been there, once. they have roundabouts. lots of roundabouts, which don't have signs on them saying "go round this way, dummy".

  • The TSA has responded [] on the TSA blog. The response does not explain, IMHO, how the searches are legal under the 4th Amendment. From the blog...

    Screening of Passengers at Savannah Amtrak Station

    A video of Transportation Security Officers (TSOs) screening passengers at a Savannah, Georgia Amtrak station has been gaining quite a bit of attention and many are wondering why we were screening passengers who had just disembarked from a train.

    We were wondering the same thing.

    The screening shown in

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