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jonastullus writes: "40 excellent free and free-to-play multiplayer games with reviews, screenshots and in-game videos. Am I missing any?

I have been collecting links to excellent multiplayer games for a long while and this is the culmination of my efforts. Many of these games you will in all likelyhood already know, but I am sure that quite a few of these will be news to you.

And they are all, without exception, tremendous fun!"

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40 Handpicked Free-to-play Multiplayer Games

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  • If you haven't yet, you should check out 'Alien Swarm' which is a free download through Steam. (Free account required) It's quite possible that you can get it other ways as well but I know it's free, and free multiplayer, through Steam. Anyway... it's a zombie swarm game (similar to crimsonland, i ma3d a gam3 with z0mb13s in it, and many others) but it's 3d. You have the choice of playing from the standard 3rd person view, or for added difficulty you can do first person, no seeing behind you!
  • Battle for Wesnoth [] is a pretty decent open source game. It has a stronger focus on single player campaign, but definitely has some multiplayer elements.
    • The selection of games I made probably reflects some of my own preferences. Maybe I am a bit too impatient for turn-based games in multiplayer. I'll give it another look, though. Thanks a lot.

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