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Submission + - Is Google Poisoning PDF?

theodp writes: As much as Google is crying about Microsoft paying too much attention to the details of how its software works, one may wish that Google would learn to do the same. Especially in the case of Google Chrome's built-in PDF viewer, which the search giant imposed on users last year, quietly enabling it by default. Not everyone is thrilled with how things turned out. "I got the impression that this built-in PDF viewer was never user tested before it went live," says one unhappy camper. "I was very annoyed to find that google had hijacked my PDF settings and implemented their own viewer," complained another. "I am not able to save PDFs from my internet-banking site any more," laments a third. A "horrible piece of software," is another's take. If you can't live with acknowledged bugs and feature omissions while its engineers "try to make this better," a Googler suggests: "type 'chrome://plugins' into the address bar, find the 'Chrome PDF Viewer' and click 'Disable.'" How intuitive. So, unless some kind of licensing agreement was struck, or there's a private action underway, why isn't Adobe crying foul over this switcheroo, which is causing product confusion and support headaches?
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Is Google Poisoning PDF?

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