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MarkWhittington writes: The premise of the upcoming film "Apollo 18" is that there was a secret, Department of Defense sponsored Apollo mission to the moon that found something up there. The caption on the poster reads: "There's a Reason we've Never Gone Back to the Moon."

Hint: It was not because of stupid politicians.

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'Apollo 18' Movie Raises Questions About Secret Mi

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  • It seems like Transformers 3 spawned new conspiracies long before its premiere, when only rough sketch of the story was known ... similarly to how Capricorn One fed them (somewhat opposite ones of course, but similarly "certain") early on.

    (NVM how varied our presence was ... yes, yes, "US probes would also be on the conspiracy" - well, luckily there are (pioneering, even) Luna probes, landers, Lunokhods. And we are going back for some time now, with present gen of orbiters and upcoming landers)
  • FTFA:

    There was actually a military manned space program in the early 1960s, but it was closed down during the Johnson administration

    That would be the Manned Orbital Laboratory, cancelled June 1969 by Richard Nixon's defense secretary Melvin Laird.


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