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Submission + - Singing a song = 20 years in jail 2

Ihmhi writes: "Evan Emory got permission to play an innocent song in front of a classroom full of children. He then recorded a much different song with sexually explicit material in the empty classroom, and edited a video together to make it appear that he's singing quite the perverted song to a bunch of kids. Putting it on YouTube may have been poor taste, but does he deserve 20 years in jail?"
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Singing a song = 20 years in jail

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  • by Gripp ( 1969738 )
    this is more than retarded. this is like jailing CGI guys because they killed an animal on screen.... i think the guy should not only be released, but the judge and prosecutors jailed for ruining at least some portion of this guys life and wasting tons of our money.
    when did we get away from law being about keep "bad people" out of the general populace? i mean, this guy obviously isn't a menace to society.
  • I would call this a candidate for the Darwin Awards.

    He lied to the school in order to gain entrance and access to the kids.

    That alone could escalate quickly to a felony charge.

    Editing the kids into his sexually explicit YouTube performance violates any meaningful notion of informed consent by the parent, the school, or the child.

    The geek can call it a prank.

    The jury can call it a cynical end run around the rules that protect kids from being openly recruited - and exploited - for this sort of thing.

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