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Bantak writes: "I live in Europe, Austria to be exact. Last year I have been on vacation to Florida. I considered getting prepaid mobile broadband to use Google Maps and check mails. But when I saw the plans, I instantly revoked this idea.

Here is why:
On AT&T you pay $69.99/month for an unlimited voice plan plus $25.00/month for a 2GB data plan.
In Austria you can get a plan with 2010 minutes, 1000 SMS and 2GB per month for 25€ ($34) on Orange.

On Verizon you pay $50 for 1GB of mobile data with a prepaid plan. In Austria you get 1GB for as low as 4€ ($5.50).

Why is there such a huge difference between USA and Europe?"

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Why are mobile plans so expensive in the US?

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  • The reason American plans cost so much is, simply, because Americans will pay for them.

    It is not at all strange in the US to see people who have no available cash, who struggle to get food on the table, and who have multiple televisions (with $100+ cable TV subscriptions), high-class cellphones (with $100+ subscriptions), and fancy cars (with $400+ loan payments).

    That's how Americans are trained to think: not in how much something costs, but in what the payments are. As long as you have enough cash availabl

    • by Gripp ( 1969738 )
      yup. and even better, on top of paying more for a lot of things, we're content with getting paid less, working more and having less time off. but hey, we have a "strong economy" (which is still in shambles, btw) so i guess that makes us the winners!
      • by jonwil ( 467024 )

        Blame Rupert Murdoch and his buddies in the media industry for carrying out a propaganda campaign that makes even the North Koreans look like amateurs.

        The Americans are happy to pay more for mobile phone plans and other things, get paid less money and live in a country that owes more money to the Chinese than the GDP of any number of small (and not so small) countries because Fox News, CNN and the other corporate media outlets have convinced them that doing those things is good for them (if the target audie

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