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ifchairscouldtalk writes: Mobile phone maker Nokia announced a broad strategic partnership with Microsoft in the effort to rebuild its fortunes, troubled by stiff competition from Apple and Android phones. Nokia CEO Stephen Elop said that Windows Mobile 7 will be Nokia's primary smartphone platform. Although Nokia will not immediatly abandon Symbian powered phones and MeeGo is said to be part of a "longer-term market exploration", Alberto Torres, who has led the development of MeeGo, is leaving the company. Shares in Nokia fell by more than 10% in early trading in Helsinki.
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Microsoft and Nokia sign partnership

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  • Nokia has just seeded the whole smartphone & tablet market to Android. Microsoft will never deliver a viable mobile platform. iOS, Blackberry, WebOS, and Windows Mobile are destined for niche player status.

    I know many religious users of high end Nokia phones, but not one who'd ever use Windows Mobile. Nokia would've fared far better as a late entry into the Android market. All their current high end users will now migrate to Android, leaving them only their new Microsoft fans.

    Maemo/MeeGo had some chance

  • I was planning on buying the first MeeGo device when it eventually came to market, but now that WP7 is the "primary OS" for smartphones, it doesn't feel as it's going to invest the resources it needs to pull it off properly, if at all..

    Even worse, they're essentially abandoning Qt. They've announced that there will be no Qt support on their WP7 devices. They had a great plan to use Qt for both MeeGo and Symbian devices, allowing cross-platform application development. It really was a brilliant strategy.

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