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Submission + - Dealing with a patent threat? 1

pgupta1984 writes: I have been asked to take down a Sourceforge project of mine because it infringes on patents held by a certain company. I emailed back saying the project only contains source code, which is not patentable to my knowledge. However, the company insists and is threatening to send their lawyers.

I am not asking for legal advice, but I'm curious to hear what Slashdotters would do. Other software projects (LAME comes to mind) must have been in this situation before.
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Dealing with a patent threat?

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  • Looks like a legitimate patent on a non-obvious tech which you've reimplemented. I'd say you have three options:

    1. Put the code on the shelf until August 2017 when the patent expires.

    2. Ask permission to leave it online amended with information that instructs downloaders that they need a patent license and how to get that license. (Temporarily remove it from Sourceforge as a token of good faith first.)

    3. Attempt one of any number of ways to evade patent law that will get you in more trouble than its worth.

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