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The Internet

Submission + - Is the Internet Causing Male Sexual Dysfunction? (nymag.com)

Hugh Pickens writes writes: Davy Rothbart writes in New York Magazine that easy access to internet porn is not only shaping men’s physical and emotional interest in sex on a very fundamental neurological level, but it’s also having a series of unexpected ripple effects. "The initial symptom for a lot of guys who frequently find themselves bookmarking their favorite illicit clips appears to be a waning desire for their partners," writes Rothbart. "For a lot of guys, switching gears from porn’s fireworks and whiz-bangs to the comparatively mundane calm of ordinary sex is like leaving halfway through an Imax 3-D movie to check out a flipbook." Psychiatrists have coined a name for this particular dysfunction — sexual attention deficit disorder — and it appears to be on the rise with catastrophic effects on relationships. One user insists that he’s still attracted to his wife of twelve years but he says, she can’t quite measure up to the porn stars he views online. "Me and her, we still ‘do it’ and everything, but instead of every day, it’s maybe once a week. It’s like I’ve got this ‘other woman’ and the ‘other woman’ is porn."
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Is the Internet Causing Male Sexual Dysfunction?

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