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Submission + - What's the cost of a Gigabyte? 1

interfecio writes: Bandwidth costs are a hot item currently, with Canada ISPs introducing allowances and charging overages, do you know what you're paying for each Gig transferred? I've looked at my routers transfer stats, and it's quite interesting.

November 2010 (Incoming: 109555 MB / Outgoing: 5825 MB)
December 2010 (Incoming: 119505 MB / Outgoing: 4931 MB)
January 2011 (Incoming: 119884 MB / Outgoing: 4579 MB)

@ $58/mo it comes out to on average 47 cents per GB. I'm not exactly a light user, but I wouldn't consider my household extreme either. With a lot of information now "cloud" based, video, voice, data storage, will we start to see a reversal of cloud services because costs could become more of a factor?
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What's the cost of a Gigabyte?

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  • The cost of the GB depends on a lot of factors.
    Depends on how far you are from the closest internet exchange point.
    Depends on how large the city / metro area you live in is.
    Depends on the technology you use for broadband.
    If your talking about a server located in a data center close to the San Jose, New York, Dallas, New York, Miami, Frankfurt or some other huge internet exchange point, the cost of the GB will be very low.
    Cogent claims to have a US$ 4 / Mbps prices, so a 1Gbps link would cost US$ 4000 / mont

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