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Submission + - How do you correct misinformation in the news? (fox47.com) 1

RendonWI writes: Watching the news last night I heard a large piece of misinformation on Cell Phone towers, and cancer. How would you go about trying to get good information out to the public, or go about trying to get the news to do a correction?


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How do you correct misinformation in the news?

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  • First step, stop watching Fox News. I used to think their "errors" were simply that. I gave them the benefit of the doubt. I was wrong. Even a group of complete idiots couldn't make so many mistakes.

    So what to do? Post factual comments. Don't worry, more idiots will counter any facts you post with their own pseudoscience and outright fabrications. You could start your own news blog, and try to run only factual stories rather than the crap that comes out. Include your own

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