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Submission + - Good iOS list apps that aren't task-oriented 1

An anonymous reader writes: I just got an iPod touch and find myself looking at apps for doing one of my favorite things — making lists. I make lists for camping gear to take with me next time I go, for movies I want to check out from the library, for apps I want to check out in the future, for lots of things that aren't "I really need to do this"-kind of things. I've discovered that it's really hard to search for list apps that aren't about tasks. The only thing I've found is grocery list apps. So my question for slashdot is: What do you use on iOS for making lists that aren't about tasks?
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Good iOS list apps that aren't task-oriented

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  • Mobisle Notes [] (iphone and android) is a simple note taker that lets you make a text note or a list with checkboxes (and you can switch between both modes easily). Tab gets you nested checklists, too. It's got password protection and backup, and can apparently be edited w/ google docs and emailed, etc.

    I still have it cause it's neat, but it was too simple for my needs (I need multiple notebooks, pictures, audio notes, better search function). But it comes with a few sample lists like 'grocery list' etc s

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