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Submission + - Paypal alternatives? 6

dotancohen writes: It seems that everything that I used to do with Paypal is gone, and nobody has found a good alternative yet. This month I tried donating to Anki (but Paypal is no longer serving Japan for donations) and Virtual Identity (which stopped accepting Paypal due to the Wikileaks incident). The authors of both software are looking for alternatives. What can we recommend to them? What reliable and inexpensive money-transfer services exist today? What do you use?
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Paypal alternatives?

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  • Not sure if this will work for you (or for the people you want to donate to), but it's an interesting idea. I don't think it will take off, the notion of having an online country with its own currency might help brainstorming to come up with other PayPal alternatives. Google cache link [] (not sure why the actual website is inaccessible).
  • I've never used them, but maybe you're looking for [] ?
  • If you have ever had them freeze your account you'll already know that PayPal sucketh balls. They are the most inflexible, customer-disinterested organization I can possibly imagine. Trying to get your account unfrozen - which occurs automatically without human intervention for any number of activities they deem unusual - is like the Torture of Tantalus. PayPal customer service do not actually seem to have any impact on this endless process. Their role is to fake concern and keep you strung along while n

    • Conversely, I've had them respond rapidly (less than 48 hours to finish) to two incidents I had. One was a seller who never sent the items. PayPal spent some time trying to find the seller after the phone number was disconnected. The other was an erroneous transaction which was likely my fault (security).

      Both times I received a full refund. It's my understanding that it's sellers that PayPal is notoriously hard on. So my qestion: Was your account trouble as a seller or buyer?

  • Nochex []?

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