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damaged_sectors writes: A map marking what are supposed to be secret locations of 60 warehouses and other buildings where medical marijuana is grown in Boulder has accidentally been made public by the city. Officials say an "oversight" led them to publish the map on the city's Web site. Kathy Haddock, Boulder's senior assistant city attorney who advises the council on medical marijuana issues, said Thursday that the map "would" be removed from the city's Web site. No conspiracy here folks. In other news the council will decide at its Jan. 18 meeting whether Boulder should circumvent the open records act exemption for cultivation centers by requiring applicants for medical marijuana business licenses to waive their right to privacy. The council could force all growing centers to sign such a waiver as a condition of receiving a city-issued business license. While the risk this would make it easier for Federal authorities to raid grow-ops might not concern council members and others opposed to medical marijuana — I have to wonder what sort of mentality thinks exposing growers to the very real risk of armed robbery by criminals is justifiable.
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Pot grower's privacy challenged

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  • Don't like something - sabotage it, and then change the rules to make it legal.

    What the hell is wrong with people - when even Pat Robertson sees the laws against cannabis as insane people can actually try and justify this sort of shit. Look world - here's where shitloads of dope is.

    Good tag, good story. Why am I the only one to post a comment? Sheesh - I think I'll go and dig through my son's old uni stuff - maybe he's got some pot stashed somewhere that I can smoke, and I'll have an actual reason for feeli

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