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Submission + - IBM Files The Patent Troll Patent ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: What a way to end the year! It's all or nothing over at IBM as the company goes for the gold and files the patent troll patent. Forget the Hyperlink patent or the POS shutdown patent, IBM wants the patent patent. Its idea is centered around an approach to manage patents from inventor training to filing and protection strategies, including competitive monitoring. At least in theory, IBM could get approval to own the idea how to manage patents and make a business out of IP. The next time you file a patent, you may want to contact them as you may need a license to file for filing.
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IBM Files The Patent Troll Patent

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  • Looks like we can start (dreaming about) seeing those patent trolls now getting a taste of their own medicine?

    Here's a thought, though: Patent copyright while you're at it! ;-)

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