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Submission + - US to extradite bank execs for lower interest (wordpress.com)

An anonymous reader writes: The United States is currently involved in complex negotiations with foreign sovereign holders of United States debt to induce them to agree to lower principal and interest. The intricate multi-party negotiations have been described as the most ambitious attempt by the government so far to address the interest portion of the US Federal deficit. While the precise details of the complex deliberations are secret, the most intriguing aspect of the negotiations to have come out is the proposal to extradite, in exchange for reduced principal and interest, bank executives considered highly criminally liable for their role in the global financial crisis.

An official who spoke on condition of anonymity and who had knowledge of the negotiations praised the effort to “outsource some of the regulatory burden” to countries “whose legal regimes differ from the US.” The official stated that the extradition agreements would lead to reduced transaction costs and improved trading relations with foreign investors.

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US to extradite bank execs for lower interest

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