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Operating Systems

Submission + - Is power consumption affected by OS? 1

dbbd writes: I was told that a 32 bits OS will make the CPU consume less power, than a 64 bits OS.
If that is so, it would make sense to choose 32bit OSes on laptops whenever 64bits is not a must.

Is that correct? If so, why does a 32bits OS consume less power than a 64?
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Is power consumption affected by OS?

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  • I do not know if the same number of 64 bit clock cycles as 32 bit clock cycles use more power on the same chip, it is conceivable that the CPU could turn of some circuitry in this case.

    64bit chips have more registers and they registers are bigger. This means it has to use the Stack which is in RAM and cache less. This means that in one clock cycle it can achieve more, on average, since the CPU spends less time pushing and popping values onto the stack and less time recalculating values that are cheaper to r

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