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Hugh Pickens writes: "The Seattle Times reports that as Boeing prepares to announce yet another delay for the 787 Dreamliner — at least three months, possibly six or more — the crucial jet program is in even worse shape than it appears with problems go well beyond the latest setback, an in-flight electrical fire last month that has grounded the test planes. Meanwhile, on the production side, one veteran employee on the 787 said he's witnessing "the perfect storm of manufacturing hell." The global supply chain is at a standstill, and outside the Everett factory the rows of partly finished jets will take many months to complete. "The purpose of flight tests is to find out what you did wrong," says a senior engineer who expects the 787 will ultimately prove successful. "But the amount of stuff we are finding is horrible. We shouldn't be dealing with this many issues this late in the program." Jon Talton writes that Boeing has bet the company on the Dreamliner and now faces cost overruns of $12 billion or more. "The experience of doing the 787 on the cheap with a globalized supply chain should shake the foundations of "Welchism," the brutal management style, intimidating anti-employee bias and mania for quick results of retired General Electric chief executive Jack Welch," writes Talton. "Boeing is running out of time to ensure its "game changer" doesn't change the game permanently in favor of Airbus and new competitors.""
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Boeing, Boeing ... Gone?

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  • Over many occasions, especially during and since the development of the A380 and the ongoing development of the A350, I've witnessed time and time again, in forums and Social networking an almost bloody minded support of Boeing, demanding nothing less than the violent destruction of Airbus & EADS.

    To me, this is an unhealthy and self destructive attitude to have towards a competitor, but is it just a natural fruit of "Welchism" ?

    Rolls Royce have given Boeing fans something to crow about with the Trent 9

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