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Submission + - IT to buy lots of iPads; maybe some other tablets

Toe, The writes: "A November survey of business IT buyers found that 7% had outfitted employees with tablets and twice that many plan to do so in the next quarter. It is rather rare to see a market expect to triple in a few months. And while many competitors are entering the fray, the market-opener appears to be a clear favorite: about four fifths of those planning to buy next quarter plan on buying iPads. The reason can be seen in the response by the installed base: 97% report satisfaction with the iPad, while 74% are satisfied with Dell tablets, and 69% with HPs. When looking at "extreme satisfaction" those numbers change to a much starker 69%, 12% and 23% respectively for Apple, Dell and HP. Among other interesting numbers in the results: an industry-shaking 38% of iPad-deploying IT respondents report they are using iPads as replacements for laptops."
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IT to buy lots of iPads; maybe some other tablets

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