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KDan writes: This question pops up regularly on Hacker News. What will kill Facebook? Before that, it was "What will kill Google?" Before that, on Slashdot, it would have been "What will kill Microsoft?" Often, the question is asked with a combination of rage and envy. The questioner doesn't like Facebook, they want it dead, and they wouldn't mind if they were the one who came up with something that killed it. Aren't entrepreneurs charming? However, the question is fundamentally flawed. It's the wrong question. It leads nowhere. The only company that can kill Facebook is Facebook. Here's why.
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What will kill Facebook?

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  • Like a lot of other mediums has that snowball rolling down hill syndrome. You have a nice neat little package at first and you set this near perfect ball rolling, as it gets popular it gains momentum and starts picking up garbage, shortly after that near perfect snowball is unrecognizable in the face of the giant avalanche of shit and advertising that your confronted with when you login. I stopped using Facebook because its all a racket to wrap advertising around social networking. I liked Facebook when it

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