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Submission + - AT&T says no to linux ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: AT&T are routinely and without any indication in their published terms and conditions refusing to allow non-windows users to set up their DSL modems. No to linux, no to MacOS, iOS, Android. Computer says no.
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AT&T says no to linux

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  • I've run into this several times, both with Linux and Mac OSX. You can call support and they can enable your modem over the phone. I know it's a pain, but there is a way to do it without Windows.

    The real issue I have with the Windows install is all the extra crapware you have to install to do the activation. I was VERY happy that my linux system has a VirtualBox XP installation. I took a snapshot, installed all the garbage they require before activating the modem, activated it, and blew away that snapshot.

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