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Submission + - US firewall coming, 15 year jail terms for leaking (rumormiller.com) 1

vinsci writes: [...] Congress began debating a bill which would impose a mandatory 15 year federal jail term for leaking internal banking documents. At press time the bill was expected to pass after House Democrats agreed to a clause calling for construction of a firewall that would prevent Americans from accidently reading leaked banking documents published by websites hosted in other countries. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi responded to criticism that the bill would violate the principles of open communication on which the internet was founded by saying "When this bill passes there will be serious jail time for reading leaked documents; if the firewall saves just one child from having to spend time in prison then it's worth it."
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US firewall coming, 15 year jail terms for leaking

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  • From 1985 to 1988, the British government attempted to stop people from reading the autobiography Spycatcher [wikimedia.org], by Peter Wright, a senior intelligence officer with the MI5 [wikimedia.org], the Security Service. The result was pretty much predictable: it was the Streisand effect many years before it became known as the Streisand effect. Which US newspaper will be the first to print a story like the one the Daily Mirror ran at the time [time.com], in response to the censorship?

    Find the book and read it, it's interesting with plenty of ge

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