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Submission + - Visa and Mastercard suspend donations to Wikileaks (

An anonymous reader writes: quoted from the BBC:
"Visa Europe has begun suspending payments to whistle-blowing website Wikileaks ahead of carrying out an investigation into the organization. It follows a similar move by rival payments processor Mastercard on Tuesday...A spokeswoman for Visa Europe said its investigation would determine the nature of Wikileaks' business, and "whether it contravenes Visa operating rules". She added that Visa Europe could not suspend payments to Wikileaks immediately, and that the process took a certain amount of time. Mastercard said in its statement that it was "in the process of working to suspend the acceptance of Mastercard cards on Wikileaks until the situation is resolved"."
So after the Citizen's United decision, it's free speech for corporations to donate however much they want to any organization, but corporations can decide when to forbid my right to freedom free speech?

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Visa and Mastercard suspend donations to Wikileaks

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