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mugurel writes: A recent study at TU Delft, TNO, Alphen aan den Rijn, and Wageningen University (The Netherlands) shows that electromagnetic radiation as emitted by WIFI routers negatively affects plants and trees. Over the course of three months, twenty trees have been exposed to six radiation sources. The upper and lower epidermis of leafs close to the radiation sources had died at the end of the period, leading to parts of the leafs dying. Exposed corn plants showed a reduced growth in comparison to a control group. Similar deviations in plants are observed internationally in urban areas. The researchers hypothesize that the ubiquity of wireless signals (from routers and other forms of mobile communication), as well as fine particles may account for the widespread this.
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Plants and trees harmed by WIFI signals

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  • TNO shows via a message on his website know that the organization has distanced itself from the conclusion that the radiation from Wi-Fi has a negative effect on the health of plants and trees.

    The research states that an employee on several occasions during the study participated in discussions and feedback on test setups and measurement results, but the conclusion regarding the relationship between the two cases are not supported by TNO. That conclusion is entirely borne by the TNO Wageningen University.

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