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Submission + - Wikipedia could block 67 million Verizon customers (wikipedia.org) 1

An anonymous reader writes: A particularly nasty Wikipedia vandal has forced a discussion to take place over whether to block a range used by over 67 million Verizon customers from editing the site. Verizon has not responded to abusive Wikipedia users on their network before, even though the abusive Verizon users have released private information (phone numbers, etc.) of numerous individuals, and made countless threats that have also been reported to law enforcement. Wikipedia has done something similar in the past with users on the AOL network, which used proxy servers and thus allowed vandals to continue disrupting the site. says that AOL neglected to act on complaints by Wikipedia and individual users, and the resulting massive blocks by Wikipedia resulted in AOL changing their anonymizing system, according to . Discussion is also taking place on alternate solutions to deal with abuse from this Verizon user, named "Zsfgseg" on Wikipedia. If a block of millions is enacted, Verizon could potentially change how they assign IP addresses, or be forced at least to address a PR nightmare.
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Wikipedia could block 67 million Verizon customers

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  • Sure, I'd hate to see the majority of vz customers blocked from a valuable source of information, but as a fugitive from vz myself, it can only do 2 things.

    1. Cost vz customers by the 2 digit percentage points before they understand that they have a problem. Their copper was so poorly maintained in my neck of the woods that I was without a land line service for nearly 2 months, a week or 10 days at a time between 1/1/2010 and 5/30/2010, so I bailed when I found the local cable tv folks could supply me with

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