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kwalker writes: I'm a big fan of MythTV since I first began playing with it a year ago. Up until this point I've been fine with using it only on my computers and monitors scattered around the house, but now I want to go beyond that. I've got a front-end system picked out (Atom 525, with nVidia ION2 chipset) but I'm not sure which television to attach that to. I normally don't come to Slashdot for purchasing decisions, but I am curious what the Collective thinks. What is the best (Most Linux/MythTV friendly) HD television to get for the living room? I'm fine with anything between 46- and 55-inches, but I want as much functionality and picture quality as I can get from it. Something that can be controlled remotely by the MythFrontend would be ideal (Selecting inputs, changing volume, channels etc).
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Best MythTV Friendly HDTV

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  • controlling your TV might not be one of them. It typically uses your TV as an output device and that's the extent of control it has on it. You could look into using an irblaster in conjunction with your frontend to exert more control via scripts that can be tied to your remote control using lirc but that's something you'll have to build yourself. It's more common to use an irblaster for channel changing a cable box for which mythbackend already has support.

    I'd say pick whatever TV works for you and ensur

    • by kwalker ( 1383 )

      I'm aware of irblasters and their downsides. Form everything I've read online they're a necessary evil for most of those that use them. I was hoping for a different interface, like an RS-232 that I've read some have used to control some Sharp units. Unfortunately the only Sharp's I can find are 60-oh-my-god-that-was-my-kidney-inch units that run to $3500+.

      As originally stated in my submission, the front end will have an nVidia ION2 chipset. I know this can do 1080p content. ION (1) chipsets (anything over a

      • Let me know if you get that bluetooth remote working. It's funky at best last I tried. I was even at the point where I started dabbling in bluetooth socket programming but realized it wasn't worth it after spending countless hours getting it to work. I ended up buying a microsoft mceusb2 remote with a usb receiver (and room to plugin to irblasters) and have been happy ever since.

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