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Submission + - Should Microsoft be split up? 1

QuietLagoon writes: Goldman Sachs had downgraded Microsoft from "buy" to "neutral," criticizes the company's efforts in mobile computing, and most radically, suggests that the company carve out its consumer business from its enterprise one. This is just one more sign that Microsoft could use a vision overhaul. ...

The report also warned that Microsoft isn't likely to make any headway in mobile this year because "Apple's iPad and iPhone plus Google's Android operating system are well established."

That's putting it mildly. Windows Phone 7 will have to be a spectacular success if it's to make any headway not just this year, but in the next several years as well. And Microsoft may try to sue Android out of business, but technology, not lawsuits, are going to have the lead the way.

What do you think? Does Microsoft have a chance of catching in the mobile devices marketplace? Is the enterprise where Microsoft's future lives?
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Should Microsoft be split up?

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