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Submission + - Blio Reader Site Hijacked 1

Anenome writes: Tomorrow, Tuesday the 28th, is the official release date of the Ray Kurzweil-sponsored Blio Reader, a next generation e-reader software platform. However it looks like someone's trying to spoil the party.

I hit up the Blio Reader site just now to see if the reader is available yet, but it keeps trying to redirect to "" instead, which it turns out is a known malicious site associated with the Conficker worm and other nastiness. This redirect did not happen just a few hours ago when I had checked the site, though it was having a lot of trouble loading then and was behaving strangely (tried to download the page to me rather than load in browser).

I'm thinking the site's been hacked, hijacked, and redirected in anticipation of the flood of people about to go there tomorrow morning to get the reader, following the timely press it's gotten anticipating the release. I hope I'm wrong and it's a false positive or something, but wanted to get the word out.

Do we have any security pros up in here who can check it out and weigh in? (I'm certainly not a security pro) I can't find any google references to the site being hacked either. Something must be done!
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Blio Reader Site Hijacked

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