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Submission + - Quantum Test Could Reinforce String Theory ( 1

eldavojohn writes: There's no much else like a discussion about the 'untestability' of String Theory to get a group of theoretical physicists jawing. Tomorrow in Physical Review Letters, a paper will be published by a professor of the Imperial College of London on how a quantum entanglement test could either disprove or reinforce String Theory (but apparently not prove that it is entirely correct). Curiously, news reports offer little attempt to explain the proposed test aside from how Dr. Duff stumbled upon this relationship between his analysis of String Theory and — bizarrely — a Tasmanian conference on quantum entanglement. While it's not the first test imagined, quantum entanglement has at least been observed before in labs. Big news for theoretical physicists who are fed up with the inability to test String Theory.
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Quantum Test Could Reinforce String Theory

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