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Wireless Networking

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theleica writes: So I recently moved into a very large house that I'm sharing with a fair amount of friends — and by large, we're talking about 40 meters by 15 meters with 3 floors (we got very lucky). It's a wonderful place, but it is very old (about 150 years old) and this means that we have a couple of heavy stone walls holding up the house. This creates a real problem when it comes to getting us all able to have wireless internet in our rooms (which is quite important as a lot of us do a fair amount of work from home). The stone walls pretty much cut the house into thirds and the middle segment is mostly corridors between rooms.

This image ( ) gives a fairly good idea of the layout of the house. The red patterns are rooms which we need internet in. The red lines are walls which are mostly wood and plaster. The thick black lines are the stone walls which hold up the house. The stone wall on the left is actually a chimney and is actually about twice the thickness of the left wall. And before you ask, that ADSL port in the bottom left is the only one in the house, there's nowhere else we can really put it.

The wall on the left seems to reduce the signal by almost 70% and the wall on the right by about 40%. Going up a floor reduces the signal strength by about 10-15 percent, and a wall between rooms is about the same. So daisy chaining is proving to be very difficult. If we place the wireless at the very center of the house, no one can get internet in their respective rooms and drilling holes to try and get ethernet cables into every room is a mess we don't want to get into.

A couple more details; most of us are Apple users, but we also have a couple of Windows users and I'm the only Linux user in the house. It would be really nice if all of us could setup and admin the hubs, but it's actually most important that the Apple guys can admin as most of them work from home. The Apple users all like being able to use Airport Utility to admin wirelessly rather than having to go in via a web browser, so if the wireless hubs are Airport Utility compatible that'd be a wonderful bonus.

Finally, we all got used to having a system whereby each hub acts as an extender rather than being its own network so that we didn't have to change hubs when we changed rooms. I'm not overly bothered about that feature, however our Windows users aren't the brightest sparks and seem to have problems quite grasping the concept of needing to switch over to a different hub when they move around (no offence to Windows users, but these guys just aren't computer savvy at all) and the Apple guys aren't too happy about all the switching and swapping either.

So, Slashdot. What's the best solution using the fewest number of wireless hubs and without tangling the house in wires and sawdust?
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The Wireless Internet Conundrum

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  • Can't you use more than one carefully positioned WiFi basestations, each connected to the ADSL router via Ethernet? Limits the amount of drilling to be done...

    • Connecting more than one Wi-Fi basestation to the ADSL router is quite difficult as we'd need to drill through several walls as the ADSL router is in the bottom left hand corner of the house - to go to the right hand side of the house (where we're having problems getting the Wi-Fi to) we'd need to drill through the brick walls too.

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