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Submission + - Diaspora Confirms Release Date of Sept 15th (joindiaspora.com)

Tokerat writes: Diaspora has posted an update on their progress, although a bit late, which confirms a release date of Sept 15th, 2010.

"Since August is nearly over, it is time for an update and answers to some questions. We have been coding. We have Diaspora working, we like it, and it will be open-sourced on September 15th."

Also, it sounds as though they're making progress and working with some interesting folks, and made a few changes to their development timeline:

"The publicity and money that you have given us has let us work with great designers like Janice Frasier, through her new program LUXr, whose constant reminders that we are not the user have kept us honest and focused. Pivotal Labs has also helped us prioritize, and we have pushed back more technical features like plugins and APIs in favor of simple and high value features. Our original goals remain the same, and these features are still in our timeline."

Now, where are the demo videos?

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Diaspora Confirms Release Date of Sept 15th

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