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Submission + - Lazy clause algorithm makes decisions faster (itnews.com.au) 1

schliz writes: Australian researchers have developed a 'combinatorial optimisation' algorithm called the lazy clause generator, which combines low- and high- level programming techniques to solve problems like rostering, resource allocation and Sudoku. The algorithm is part of Government-funded NICTA's G12 constraint programming project, and could speed industrial decision making processes by "orders of magnitude" — however, its developer does not expect it to replace human managers "because in the end, people want to feel like they're in control of the process".
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Lazy clause algorithm makes decisions faster

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  • We use lazy evaluation extensively in good ol' fashioned accounting software, as it dramatically improves database performance, and response times. In our business-logic abstraction layer, we can give our coders the illusion that they've got the entire business object in their control, without the overhead of locking hundreds (or thousands) of fields and records.

    Combined with optimistic locking strategies, this can provide massive performance gains.

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