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Submission + - Feds Shut Down 200 Prescription Drug Websites (cnn.com) 1

eldavojohn writes: CNN is reporting on 200 website pharmacies (in Utah and Illinois) under investigation for selling prescription drugs online without the user having a valid prescription. CNN's investigative reporting claims that Kyle Rootsaert, owner of two online pharmacies, is responsible for the shipping of more than 30,000 prescription drug packages across the United States in the first half of 2010. The White House's Office of National drug Control Policy made the statement that 'This is a pretty large ring of at least 200 websites that acted as internet pharmacies that were basically selling drugs — prescription drugs — without requiring a valid prescription. These affidavits indicate this was a multiyear, multimillion-dollar operation involving thousands and thousands of prescriptions. Going back in time, there were even deaths involved with this organization.' The majority of these prescriptions were "authorized" by Dr. William E. Morrow of Layton, Utah.
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Feds Shut Down 200 Prescription Drug Websites

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  • This sounds good to an extent but I have to wonder if these were legitimate drugs that were being sold to people in other states because they were less expensive to purchse, while agree that you should have a prescription approved by a doctor, I do feel for those that need medication but for them to purchase it in their state its too damn expensive for them, the drug comaponies like to keep control over the prices and a lot of the HMO's and insurance co's like to keep what you get and how much inflated. I n

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