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Submission + - Rice University sells college radio station ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: Earlier this week, Rice University made public its plans to sell the broadcast FM license, tower and frequency of its longtime college radio station, KTRU 91.7. The station has been student-run for more than 40 years and plays a diverse, eclectic slate of programming. The university described KTRU as an "underutilized asset" and stands to gain $9.5M from the deal, which will give Houston yet another NPR station.
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Rice University sells college radio station

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  • KTRU is turning into another causality of the HD radio scam. There's a nice article [] that summarizes the problem:

    ... if the future of public radio is to serve both the fine arts and news/talk audience full time and the public is slow to adopt HD radio, then you have to acquire more than one station and serve it up in glorious analog. Which is exactly what Colorado Public Radio, Vermont Public Radio, and many others have been doing for several years.

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