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Submission + - Fix for Facebook 3.2 – “Unable to Load (bb-iphone-zone.com) 1

freddyr writes: Facebook 3.2 app for iPhone was released last night which supports the new location based service known as “Places” along with the feature of media uploading in background. But unfortunately this app didn’t allow you to log in. “Login Failed” & “Unable to load this page” are the errors that you might have got while using this app.

This Facebook 3.2 app for iPhone does not works on those jailbroken iPhone devices which have BiteSMS app installed. This might have created a compatibility issue. You would have to uninstall BiteSMS from your iPhone or you can follow the steps below to fix this problem:......

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Fix for Facebook 3.2 – “Unable to Load

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  • not necessarily mean that the latest was the best. I think it makes it become more complicated. because we have to uninstall again in order to use the other.

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