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Submission + - Brits Spend Over 7 Hours A Day Online

An anonymous reader writes: According to an Ofcom survey of 1,138 UK participants aged 16 and above, the average person is also cramming 8h 48m of media-time into just over 7 hours of the day — not by magic, but by multitasking. Twice as many people now own and use smartphones than two years ago, equating to 26.5% of the British population. Data consumption has also increased, shooting up by 240% in 2009. What's interesting, though, is that despite the popularity of handset based email and instant messaging services like BlackBerry Messenger and Windows Live Messenger on many handsets, SMS text messaging is also up. Brits spend over 100,000,000,000 which works out at roughly 1700 messages sent by every person in the UK in the space of a year.
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Brits Spend Over 7 Hours A Day Online

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