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An anonymous reader writes: U2's manager Paul McGuinness has followed up on his previous attacks on music fans, with a column in GQ where he claims that blaming the record labels for their own problems is a mistake. Instead, we should blame the notion of "free" and some horde of anonymous bloggers. Thankfully, some have gone through the details of his writeup and have found a sever lack of truthfulness on the part of McGuinness' claims. But what do I know? I'm just an anonymous blogger...
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U2 Manager Says Anonymous Bloggers Killing Music

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  • ...are from England and who gives a shit!?!? []

  • Seriously. Yeah, it's the fault of BLOGGERS; aka "fans." The fans of music are somehow destroying said music....which they are fans of...

    Instead of stickers on tapes regarding "hope taping," we need metadata with all mp3 files reminding fans that it's THEIR fault that....their fault that...that what exactly?

    And Bono chimes in....What did Bono expect? He's not fucking jesus, despite what some people may think. So he does charity work, that's great - and he's made some decent music, but the fact is that thes

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