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Submission + - Netflix deal expands instant watch catalog ( 1

SloppyElvis writes: Netflix Inc. has announced a deal, reportedly worth $1 billion, to bulk up its increasingly popular Internet streaming service with Hollywood blockbusters such as "Star Trek," "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" and "The Godfather."

"What's exciting here is it really reaffirms that the Internet is a serious delivery channel," said analyst Colin Dixon, a senior partner for the research firm the Diffusion Group. Netflix has really been the catalyzing force on the market and it has illustrated very graphically that consumers are very comfortable consuming quality content directly from the Internet and in some respects, it's their preferred medium."

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Netflix deal expands instant watch catalog

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  • not really. sitting at home looking through an extensive catalog is about the same
    as driving 10 miles to my local strip mall, and spending 30 minutes in an
    overly lit blockbuster outlet listening to advertisements while i consider the 4 new releases
    and the same 500 titles that i've been looking at for the last two years while trying
    not be be too annoyed at someone else's unrly children.

    and i really dont mind taking the same trip the next day just to drop the thing
    off, it gives me a sense of importance.

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