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langelgjm writes: Announced this afternoon in a joint conference call held by CEOs Eric Schmidt and Ivan Seidenberg, Google and Verizon have released a joint net neutrality proposal in the form of a "suggested legislative framework for consideration by lawmakers." This comes on the heels of last week's assertion (and subsequent denial) that Google and Verizon were close to concluding talks that would permit Verizon to prioritize certain content in exchange for pay. A look at the actual text of the framework shows some positive net neutrality principles, but there is also some more curious content: "Wireless broadband" is singled out for exclusion from most of the agreement, and providers would be permitted to prioritize "additional online services... distinguishable in scope and purpose." Public Knowledge, a watchdog group based in Washington, has criticized the agreement for these provisions.
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Google & Verizon's Real Net Neutrality Proposa

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  • "additional online services... distinguishable in scope and purpose."

    Translation: cable TV is not an Internet service. Just because we provide 600 channels over the same wires that we use to offer Internet doesn't mean we have to let our competitors do the same.

    The wiggle-room is a little broad but it's not an inherently unreasonable notion.

    • So the full text of that portion is as follows:

      A provider that offers a broadband Internet access service complying with the above principles could offer any other additional or differentiated services. Such other services would have to be distinguishable in scope and purpose from broadband Internet access service, but could make use of or access Internet content, applications or services and could include traffic prioritization.

      I agree, it's not unreasonable to craft a clause permitting both cable TV or phone service on the same wires as Internet service. On the other hand, by the time that principle makes it into law, will it permit offering a "superior web experience" (different from broadband Internet access precisely because some content has been prioritized)?

  • Verizon is calling the "public internet" open. Its CEO was dodgy when it came to explaining what the "other" Internet was, i.e. using its pipes to stream a "3D opera".

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