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Submission + - SPAM: Assange responds to US attacks on WikiLeaks

eric writes: It'(TM)s been ten days since the whistleblower website WikiLeaks published the massive archive of classified military records about the war in Afghanistan, but the fallout in Washington and beyond is far from over .. We speak with WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange ..

"you must understand that we contacted the White House about that issue and asked for their assistance in vetting to see whether there would be any exposure of innocents and to identify those names accordingly. Of course, we would never accept any other kind of veto, but in relation to that matter, we requested their assistance via the New York Times, who the four media partners involved — us, Der Spiegel, The Guardian and the Times agreed would be the conduit to the White House so we wouldn’t step on each other’s toes. Now, the White House issued a flat denial that that had ever happened .."

"it’s really quite fantastic that Gates and Mullen, Gates being the former head of the CIA during Iran-Contra and the overseer of Iraq and Afghanistan, and Mullen being the military commander for Iraq and Afghanistan .. These two men arguably are wading in the blood from those wars"

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Assange responds to US attacks on WikiLeaks

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