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WhiteHorse-The Origi writes: I've been trying to add a criticism section to the Windows 7 article on Wikipedia but have come up against 2 editors who constantly undo my changes despite having dozens of references and several other editors who agree that the article is non-neutral and needs a criticism section. I honestly believe their motives are to keep the article biased to sway readers. Can the Slashdot community come to the rescue and contribute to the article?
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Can you help me criticize Windows 7?

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  • After looking at your history of edits, your criticism(s) is/are made up of opinions and conjecture. Whether or not Windows 7 needs a criticisms section isn't really relevant until you have some real, documented negative issues instead of a list of your personal beefs with Windows and Microsoft. IMO, the other editors are correct in shutting you down.

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