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gollum123 writes: Earlier today we published an analysis of the top traffic drivers in social media, based on data from Web analytics company Woopra. The biggest traffic driver was StumbleUpon (51%), followed by Digg (30%), Hacker News (12%) and Reddit (5%). Surprisingly, tech news community Slashdot was not in the list of top referrers. In fact, according to Woopra CEO John Pozadzides, Slashdot "drives close to 0% of traffic to the sites Woopra measures." (emphasis ours). Why is Slashdot almost irrelevant to the social media community? It used to be the biggest driver of traffic to tech web sites, but now it hardly delivers any traffic at all to them. We explore some of the reasons, including input from our own community.
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Slashdot Struggles to Remain Relevant

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  • I can't remember the last time I tried following a link from a /. article that wouldn't load. I'd assumed that the frequency with which sites were "slashdotted" had gone down due to general improvements in infrastructure of the web.

    Then again, I've also seen an increase in the number of posts from people who obviously did not RTFA too. I've also noticed a lot of other forums look down on the tone of the discussion on /., often telling their trolls that they should go back to /. and leave other forums a
  • I've upvoted this. I've remarked upon this in my journal [], and hopefully my fans will upvote it.

    It would be hilarious if this makes the main page.

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