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blackholepcs writes: A story over at shows that not everyone is happy with their shiny new Starcraft II game. Here is an excerpt :

The biggest problem that users can’t seem to get over, is the fact that they consider Starcraft II to be an ‘incomplete game’. A lot of user reviews have scored the game just one star out of five, stating that they shouldn’t have to pay $60 for 1/3 of the full game.

Have you played the game yet? Is the negative feedback justified for Starcraft II or not?

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Starcraft II getting panned by users

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  • Personally, I'm surprised no one saw this coming. Not really the whole online single player thing, but the massive amounts of bad reviews on the first day of release from a rushed game from a money hungry company.
  • I am boycotting them until Duke Nukem Forever hits the shelves.

    Or Diablo (whichever one we are on). I have some left mouse buttons to wear out.
  • I get the impression that everyone either (a) wanted to hate the game or (b) hyped the original in their own heads that the game could never live up to expectations. Compare SC2 to other currently released games, and I would say it is easily head and shoulders above the competition. In terms of fun, visual beauty, immersion, and addiction, it is my top game of 2010. And since it's just opinions we're talking about, mine ought to count for something.

  • I think 5,000,000 starcraft fans in a row should mindlessly charge at Blizzard headquarters, none of which have any real capability individually, but may be able to wear down the defenses by sheer numbers.
  • I've posted some first thoughts (NOT a review - just first thoughts) in my journal. However, there are, as yet, very few "proper" reviews of the game out there yet. I'd honestly be tempted to wait for a little more information to come out before running a story like this one.

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