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Submission + - What is the best software for authors? 2

toxonix writes: Authors have very specific needs when it comes to text editing and formatting. MS Word has been the default program for working with formatted text, but it has its limitations and pitfalls. I think Open Office Writer is ideal for any writer, and some writers and editors are using it exclusively. I've suggested writers learn to use Vim+plugins and some simple scripting for text manipulation, but Vim and Emacs may be too involved for those who have an affinity for mice and GUIs. Version control and safe keeping of manuscripts is also something I've seen writers do poorly. So, what software is available to writers that works the way writers want?
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What is the best software for authors?

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  • Your post sounds almost like you want to change the way others work and write and think, which is coming at the problem backwards. It's the job of software and those who write it to provide a program that people can use or will need, not the job of, say, writers and editors, to use software others want them to use.

    I spent ten years running my own business based on my own software, which I spent years writing. I burned out and retired and am now working toward starting a film production company that will p

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