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Submission + - Microsoft does a Google.. MSN contacts revealed ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: Struggling to catch up with perceive competition from Facebook, Microsoft Live Messenger (formally, and more commonly known as MSN Messenger) now treats all of your contacts as friends. Chatting to a 'girl' you meant on the net? Well, next time your girlfriend logs in she'll see "Johnny and Sharpie-Chan are now friends". Instead of distinct conversations to various contacts, it's a great big love-fest where everyone gets to hear who your new-found buddies are. This mistake is similar to changes to Gmail to support Google's Wave, which has hopefully died a quiet death.
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Microsoft does a Google.. MSN contacts revealed

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  • I'm no Microsoft supporter, but MSN used to be the only "chat" programme I used. Largely because it was so ubiquitous, and originally quite simple.

    You could multitask your talking amongst friends, without others knowing who you were spending more attention on. That's the problem with these social networking sites, they assume something that is fundamentally untrue: that everybody likes everyone else. I have friends who hate each other, they don't both need to know my interactions with the other one.

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