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An anonymous reader writes: This overunity magnet motor company, Terawatt Research, LLC of Irvine, California, is opposite the typical "free energy" image. They are low on fluff, have never been in the mainstream press; and they are and high on evidence, including test results from TÜV and UL. Both data plots clearly show performance frequency ranges in which much more energy is produced from the system than what is required to drive the system – at least three-fold. They say they are "harnessing the energy of intermolecular fluctuations." Back in September of 2006 the inventor said in essence that "The basic premise of the technology is that nature seeks symmetry and balance. The symmetry has inner stability. A temporary imbalance imposed wants to return to balance. This force can be harnessed for output energy." On their home page they say: "We developed a technology that allows this oscillation to be permanently harnessed." As another contradiction to typical free energy companies, one of their strategic advisors — not suppressors — served as former director of the CIA and of the FBI. Another contrast is their plush digs in Irvine, Calafornia; compared to a garage, which is the typical free energy inventor's laboratory.
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Terawatt Research defies free energy stereotype

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