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Submission + - Firefox on LUbuntu switched to UK dictionary? 1

biking42 writes: Has anyone else noticed a fairly recent update to firefox on Linux / Ubuntu has changed the spelling dictionary over to the UK dictionary?

When typing web-based mail I started noticing it highlighting words like "favorite", "color", "neighbor" as incorrect and suggesting the UK versions "favourite", "colour", "neighbour", In looking under ad-ons languages I see "Firefox (en-GB)". Does that not stand for Great Britain?

Under preferences, Content, Languages I had "English [en]" but I see there's also an "English/United States [en-us]" option.

Additionally I installed the "United States English Dictionary".

I've been running the LTS 8.04 (64-bit) on my laptop for the last 2 years. Though a co-worker running a new install of 10.04 (32-bit) sees the same issue.

Yes I'll head over to the Ubuntu forums but I was curious how widespread this is.

Perhaps trickery by our fellow UK brethren?

    ; ]

Much confused Yankee....
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Firefox on LUbuntu switched to UK dictionary?

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  • Sorry, the problem was a botched Open Office 3.0 upgrade I did a while ago. It borked many of the dictionaries and appears that a recent package update uninstalled or broke the English dictionary. Going in to System, Languages and clicking on English in the list (changed the selection icon from a dash to a checkmark) caused Ubuntun to download and install 21 packages including ones like aspell and several Open Office ones. Previously when I selected Tools, Set Language in Gedit, I only saw "English (Unit

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