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Submission + - Census Hurt Trust In Feds More Than NSA Wiretaps (forbes.com) 1

AGreenberg writes: I've written a post at Forbes' cybersecurity and privacy blog on a study by the Ponemon Institute showing that Americans' trust in government privacy protections is at an all-time low. That's largely because Americans' privacy trust in the Census Bureau fell dramatically over the last year, more even than trust in the NSA fell after the revelations of its warrantless surveillance of American citizens. This is a sad consequence of paranoia fueled by bizarre and ridiculous reports like this one, which argued that the Census would use GPS to target missiles at citizens' homes.
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Census Hurt Trust In Feds More Than NSA Wiretaps

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  • I was dismayed to read this, as I worked for the Census 2000 as an enumerator in Manhattan, and it was probably the best experience I've had with Federal Government. This was true for me as an employee AND was my perception from the very cooperative Manhattan residents with whom I interacted. During Census 2000, the Press had little reason to mention us, as the work proceded on schedule, and citizens rarely if ever voiced complaints to the local press (though we did make mistakes, but people were tolerant a

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