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Submission + - Why don't we buy sysadmin books anymore? (standalone-sysadmin.com) 4

Bandman writes: Our needs for good information and documentation have not changed, but the way that we get it has. The ebook revolution has made physical shelves of sysadmin books endangered species. A bigger issue may be that even ebook sales of books related to system administration have not been selling. Somewhere along the line, people stopped buying things like "DNS and Bind" or "Sed & Awk".

Has our need for documentation changed, or just our sources of it?

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Why don't we buy sysadmin books anymore?

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  • Some year ago i also tried to read "admin" books, but found out that is not only boring, but also useless, and that i could find a lot of more info and examples and a ways to do some tasks by simply saying "GOOGLE: HOWTO AWK" for example. Google changed everything, and even have the interesting thought that maybe GOOGLING should be included in the university, or even in college as a base discipline for everyone, not only developers or sysadmins.
    • by Bandman ( 86149 )

      That is an interesting idea.

      I am worried, though, about the quality of online-only docs. I mean, I'm one of those sick people who actually /likes/ to write documentation, and even I don't like documenting the boring stuff...but if you get a good book, that's exactly what you'll get. The boring stuff is documented in as much detail as the exciting stuff, and sometimes it's the boring stuff that's going to save you in a corner case.

      I might be wrong, and I hope I am.

      • You are not wrong, but most of the time you don't need to know all the tricks, just how to finish this task now, and to continue to the next task. Of course, if you have to do the same task again, and again, and again, then and only then is is worth to sit down and read some man pages, or good book with samples and explanations.
        • by Bandman ( 86149 )

          You're right...that's pretty much what I've been doing now for quite a while. The idea of a world in which those technical books don't exist does frighten me a little, though.

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